Since 1876, many footballers that have had a strong association with the City of Bangor have gone on to represent Wales at either Full or Amateur level, and, in some cases, both. This is a chronicle of all those players who have received the ultimate accolade of representing the Welsh nation in competitive football.




W.G. "Smart" Arridge

A local hero with an appropriate nickname, "Smart" was a pupil at Friars Grammar School in Bangor which he represented at football. He later joined Bangor FC and was a member of the team that won the inaugural North Wales Coast Senior Cup Final in 1895. He later moved to Merseyside and went on to play for Bootle, Everton, New Brighton and Stockport. Between 1892 and 1899 he won a total of 8 Full International caps.

Thomas John Buckland

Thomas was a key member of the great Grand Slam-winning side of 1896. In spite of his undoubted skill, he went on to win just 1 Full International cap in 1899.

Dai Davies

A footballer who needs little introduction. Dai was one of the country's favourite and best servants who kept goal for Wales during one of the country's better periods in the late 70s. He won over 50 caps for Wales, and came out of retirement to keep goal for Bangor City during the club's memorable 1985 Cup Winners Cup campaign. Saving a penalty against Atletico Madrid in the famous Estadio Vicente Calderon consigned him to City's history books forever.

Albert Malcolm Hersee

Albert began his career with Llandudno Swifts before joining Bangor. He later went on to play for Rhyl, Chester, Blackburn Rovers, Burslem Port Vale and ended his career at Llanwrst. He won 2 Full caps in 1896.

Richard Hersee

In a career which began with Gloddaeth Rovers, Richard then joined Llandudno Swifts. After spending some time at Bangor FC, he ended his playing career with Rhyl, winning his only Full Cap in 1886.

Edward Percival Whitley Hughes

Local boy Edward began his playing career with Friars Grammar School, and progressed to the Bangor First Team. He later moved to the South of England where he played for London Welsh and East Grinstead. He won 3 Full Caps between 1887-1889.

John Vaughan Humphries

Another local boy who represented Friars Grammar School, he went on to play for Llandudno and Everton and won a Full Cap in 1947.

Frederick Robert Jones

Frederick was yet another player who progressed from the Friars Grammar School First XI to the Bangor Senior team. He later joined Liverpool Cambrians and between 1885-1886 won three Full Caps for Wales.

Humphrey Jones

When he joined Bangor FC from Friars, local boy Humphrey had little idea that his playing career would be spread over three different countries. From Bangor, he moved to London, where he played for London Swifts, and then he made the long migration to Scotland where he played for Queens Park and East Stirling. Between 1885-1891, he also won a total of 14 Full Welsh Caps.

John Owen Jones

After starting his career with Bangor FC, John moved to Lancashire and went on to play for Crewe, Chorley, Newton Heath, Earlstown and Stalybridge. In 1901 he won 2 Full Caps.

Richard Jones

Started his career at Bangor FC before joining local rivals Llechid Swifts. He won 2 Full Caps in 1900.

Richard Jones

Not to be confused with his contemporary namesake, Richard won 3 Full Caps between 1887-1900. He began his career at Bangor FC, before joining Crewe.

Thomas George (T.G.) Jones

One of the greatest players Wales has ever seen. He began his career with Flint Schoolboys, and then joined Wrexham. He went on to become a member of the great Everton side of the 1930ís, playing alongside the legendary "Dixie" Dean, and during this time won 17 Full Welsh Caps. He joined Bangor in 1956, and managed the club to the most famous moment in its history against Napoli in 1962.

Patrick Leary

After beginning his career at Bangor FC, Patrick went on to play for Gainsborough Trinity. He won a single Full Cap in 1889.

Glan Letheran

Glan is still held in high esteem by City fans for his stirling contribution to the 1984 FA Trophy Final at Wembley. He enjoyed a successful professional career prior to joining Bangor and won several Full caps between the sticks for Wales.

David Morrall Lewis

Local boy and son of the Dean of Bangor, David developed his footballing skills with the Friars School First XI, before moving on to Bangor FC where he spent his entire playing career. He won 2 Full Caps in 1890.

William Lewis

A local lad who began his career with Bangor Rovers, and then progressed to Bangor FC. In a long and distinguished career, he also played for Everton, Crewe, Chester and Manchester City, and won a total of 27 Full Welsh Caps between 1885-1898. Another member of the legendary 1896 Bangor FC team.

Brian Lloyd

After a long and successful career in full-time football, including a spell at Wrexham, Brian kept goal for City for the 1984-85 season, and appeared in the 1985 Welsh Cup Final against Shrewsbury. He won three Full caps for Wales in the late 70s.

Robert Herbert Mills-Roberts

Robert was another pupil of Friars School. He played for Aberystwyth and Preston North End and won 8 Full Caps between 1885-1892.

John Edward Neal

John was a student at Bangor University, and played for the Bangor UCNW team. He went on to play for Llandudno and Colwyn Bay before establishing himself at Wrexham FC. He won 2 Full caps in 1931.

Alfred Oliver

A local player who began his career with Beaumaris before joining Bangor FC. He later went on to play for Blackburn Rovers and won 2 Full Caps in 1905.

William Pierce Owen

Another pupil of Friars Grammar School, William spent his entire playing career with Ruthin and won 12 Full Caps between 1880-1884.

Neville Southall

Llandudno-born Neville began his career with his hometown team, before joining neighbours Conwy United. He then moved to Bangor City. After joining Everton from Winsford United "Big Nev" went on to win 74 Full Caps for Wales between 1982-1994. One of the nationís greatest footballing heroes.

John Thomas Thomas

Another local boy who played for the Friars Grammar School First XI, he spent his entire career at Bangor FC, winning 2 Full Caps in 1898.

Foulkes Price Wright

Yet another Friars protégé, Foulkes went on to play for Aberystwyth, London Welsh and Clapton. He won his only Full Cap in 1896.

Richard Parry Williams

The last of the great players to emerge from Friars School in the late 19th century, Richard spent his adult playing career with Carnarvon (Caernarfon) Athletic, and won a Full Cap in 1886.

Phillip Abraham Woosnam

Another one of the great Welsh Internationals, Phil, originally from mid-Wales, studied at Bangor University and played for the Bangor UCNW team, and made five appearances for Bangor City in 1950-51. In an illustrious career, he went on to play for Leyton Orient, West Ham United, Manchester City and Aston Villa, before emigrating to the USA where he played for Atlanta Chiefs. Between 1959 and 1963 he won 17 Full Welsh Caps.




Percy Allen

3 Caps in 1970 playing for Bangor City.

Arnold Dargie

3 Caps between 1909-11 playing for Bangor.

Maldwyn Evans

12 Caps between 1953-56 playing for Bangor City.

R.M. Evans

1 Cap in 1912 playing for Bangor.

John Hughes

1 Cap in 1959 playing for Bangor City.

Ellis-Wyn Jones

3 Caps between 1973-74 playing for Bangor City.


1 Cap in 1932 playing for Bangor UCNW.

Dave McCarter

16 Caps between 1963-68 playing for Bangor UCNW.

Glyn Owen

21 Caps between 1953-61 playing for Bangor UCNW/Bangor City.

Meilir Owen

4 Caps between 1973-74 playing for Bangor Normal College.

F. Pierce

1 cap in 1920 playing for Bangor FC.

Keith Pritchard

7 Caps between 1960-65 playing for Bangor Normal College.

Irfon Thomas

4 Caps in 1970 playing for Bangor City.

Derek Williams

11 caps between 1952-55 playing for Bangor UCNW.

Hwfa Williams

3 Caps between 1911-13 playing for Bangor City.

John Williams

3 Caps between 1963-67 playing for Bangor UCNW/Bangor City.


1 Cap in 1936 playing for Bangor FC.

T. Ceiriog Williams

1 Cap in 1927 playing for Bangor UCNW.




William Goodwin

Played in 1919 Victory International. Ex-Bangor UCNW.

William Joseph Redfern

War Time International (1939). Played for Bangor City.